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The UK’s largest and most professional direct provider of impeccably organised Supercar Driving Experience Days - with by far the best Tripadvisor reviews of any other competitor!

  • Our loyal customers love us! 40% of our customers come back to us multiple times and try out a mix of our supercars! Check out the TripAdvisor links on this page to see why we’ve been awarded a Certificate of Excellence!
  • The best selection of venues! 6th Gear Experience are proud to operate driving experiences from superb dedicated venues, as well as owning and operating the best top flight supercar fleet in the industry – a fact the competition can’t offer!
  • Unrivalled Customer Service! We know your purchase of a 6th Gear Experience Supercar Driving Gift Voucher will probably be for someone special. Rest assured we’ll do our utmost to ensure they have a fantastic time on track with us.
  • The best selection of legitimate supercars! We have an elite selection of supercars to drive, which are even available for our junior driving experiences (yes...driving experiences for 10-16 year olds!)
  • Top driving instructors! All customers have an instructor in the car, we hand-pick the best who are there to ensure not only that you're safe, but also making the most out of your time driving the supercars.
  • Unique experiences! We don't just specialise in supercar drives, we also offer truck driving experiences where you get to drive our 55ft HGV! We're also the only company to own and use a Radical SR3 for a unique high speed passenger experience that you won't find anywhere else! 
  • Credible and trustworthy! We're proud to supply our supercar experiences to major High Street outlets including John Lewis, Boots & Selfridges
  • Regular discounts! We always have special offers live on our website, meaning you have the best value experience day.

Established in 2006, we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional Supercar experiences to both public and corporate clients. Originally co-founded by Andy Cummings, who now manages the business entirely since 2018, we are driven by a passion for performance vehicles. Andy, a true 'petrolhead', boasts an impressive racing background, including being the 2014 Radical SR3 European Masters Champion and competing at prestigious events like Le Mans.

Based in Solihull, our headquarters houses a dedicated team of full-time staff alongside approximately 100 ARDS qualified race instructors. We maintain a state-of-the-art workshop equipped with comprehensive body shop facilities, ensuring our fleet is maintained to the highest standards of performance and safety.

Notably, 6th Gear operates a fleet of branded DAF double-decker articulated race car transporters, capable of transporting our impressive fleet of 30 Supercars to our six UK circuits. We take pride in providing Supercar Driving Experiences in the form of Gift Vouchers to leading High Street chains, including M&S, Selfridges, and John Lewis.

In 2020, we merged with Driveme, expanding our reach to offer outstanding Supercar driving experiences across the country. This includes exclusive access to the Stafford Driving Centre, along with being the sole providers of Supercar driving experiences at Castle Combe Circuit and Anglesey Circuit.

At 6th Gear, we understand that each event day is a unique and special occasion for our customers. That's why we are committed to continually striving to be the best in the industry, delivering unforgettable experiences that exceed expectations.


Booking your Supercar driving experience is a breeze!

Start by checking out our Events Calendar under Circuits and Dates to find the perfect track and date for you. Once you've made your decision, simply click on Redeem Voucher at the top left of our website and follow the prompts to book your slot. Remember to select your preferred cars when booking!

As our experiences are incredibly popular, we kindly ask for 8-12 weeks' notice for all bookings to ensure availability.

If you encounter any difficulties while booking online, don't hesitate to give our friendly Customer Service Team a call at 01675 433 800. They'll be more than happy to assist you in organizing your unforgettable experience day.

And if you're looking to purchase an experience as a gift, you'll find all our exciting products on our website. Whether it's for an adult or a junior, there's something for everyone!

If you're overwhelmed by the options or need assistance crafting your perfect package, don't hesitate to reach out to our team. We're here to make your Supercar dreams a reality!


On the big day, all you need to bring is your driving license (unless you're a junior or passenger, of course) and arrive at the venue for your designated time.

Upon arrival, our Driver Registration team will greet you and ensure all your details are in order. Here's where the excitement starts! You'll have the option to enhance your experience with add-ons like a sighting lap, recordings, upgraded passenger rides, or extra driving laps.

Once everything's sorted, you'll receive your Supercar Driver Ticket, detailing your itinerary for the day.

Now, onto the track! If your experience includes a demonstration lap, our seasoned pros will guide you through the circuit layout and braking points to help you get acquainted before your drive.

Then it's time to meet your friendly instructor assigned to your supercar, and the driving adventure begins! The duration of your track time will depend on the package you've chosen.

If your voucher includes a high-speed passenger ride, buckle up for an adrenaline-pumping experience as our instructor takes you to the limits of the track.

After completing all your experiences, head over to our specially-designed photo truck to check out professionally captured images of your track time. You'll have the option to purchase prints or digital copies, and we'll even send you a certificate as a memento.

And here's the cherry on top: as a token of our appreciation, you'll receive a 10% discount off your next purchase with our loyalty code after attending an experience day with us.


* Our full 2024 calendar can be viewed on the Circuits and Dates page, or click Redeem Voucher to book in using a gift voucher!

* We're excited to announce TWO new venues will be hosting our driving experiences. We have RED LODGE KARTING in Suffolk, and we also have BICESTER HERITAGE in Oxford. Dates are now available for bookings!

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Your Guide to a Supercar Driving Experience Day

Rewind about fifteen years or so and there was little in the way of a fast car driving experiences available in the UK. The best supercar driving experience days didn’t even include iconic supercars from manufacturers like Lamborghini or Aston Martin.

6th Gear Experience was founded to change all that – even being the pioneers of junior driving experience days. Aimed purely at children between the ages of 10-16 with a minimum height of 4ft 10 and are now hugely popular with over 4000 juniors being customers of ours annually.

As trends change, certain supercars become more popular than others. For example, when a new James Bond film is released, an Aston Martin experience is always a big draw. The Aston Martin DB9 driving experience makes a fantastic gift for someone special, and since we have the full fleet from this famous British manufacturer, an Aston Martin driving day in general is a fantastic thrill. So what should you look out for when searching for a supercar driving experience day or indeed just a supercar experience?

Well there seems to be a lot of choice out there, but most of the names tend to be third party agencies whilst there are very few companies who actually put on the experience days themselves. 6th Gear Experience is of course one, and having gained the prestigious TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence awards four years running is without doubt the company to turn to when making your choice. Supplying nearly all the major high street retailers and the large internet based agencies, we have carved a reputation in the industry as the best value for money by far. With an up to date modern fleet of supercars we now offer the best driving experience days bar none.

Popular Supercars Right Now

The Audi R8 driving experiences, together with the Ariel Atom driving experience are the most popular supercar experience. Followed closely by our Ferrari 458 experience. The Ferrari 458 driving experience is lauded as being the best modern Ferrari of recent times. Once again since we own and operate a full fleet of Ferrari’s, if you know someone with a passion for this great Italian manufacturer, this gift will make you very popular indeed! Interestingly, one of our increasingly popular sellers is the lorry driving experience. In fact lorry driving experience days are such fun they seem to appeal to all ages! From a 12 year old boy to an 80 year old lady, we’ve been amazed at the sheer uniform appeal of our exclusive lorry driving experience. Ok so you don’t get to go 100mph in a 40 ton truck, but trundling along come rain or shine in a DAF truck with 16 automatic gears is truly enormous fun. It looks like 2024 is already popular with those wishing to undergo the fabulous Lamborghini driving experience. Traditionally, this is one of our top sellers and this is reflected in the fact that kids also seem to want to involve themselves in our junior Lamborghini driving experience. As long as they are at least 5ft they can actually drive a Lamborghini equipped with dual controls and an instructor sat in the passenger seat watching their every move!

Back in the early 2000’s a Ferrari driving experience was far and away the top selling car driving experience. It’s interesting as we have mentioned before, how trends and tastes change over the years. We had a Nissan GTR join our fleet in 2019 which customers went crazy for! Due to the massive popularity and high demand, within 2 months we had added another one to the fleet. The R35 has been an excellent addition to our fleet, with many customers paying extra on the day to drive one.

Supercar driving experiences are also far more widely known because of TV programmes like Top Gear which help drive the driving day experiences market. Just searching driving experience days UK brings up a raft of entries many of which are provided exclusively by 6th Gear. This makes a driving gift a fantastic present, whether for birthdays or Christmas

Typically on a 6th Gear Experience event day, facilities are second to none with great quality catering available, a large marquee to provide cover from that inclement weather we are all used to here in the UK. Other optional extras such as Pay and Drive are available on the day aimed at those who wish to drive extra supercars as well as their pre-booked choices. Friends and family are all welcome and if they bring their driving licence too they can pick a supercar and also partake in a fast car experience too.

There is a difference though between a supercar day and a race day experience.

6th Gear Experience doesn’t really cater for hardened track enthusiasts – we leave this to others. What we do superbly is to provide a supercar track day experience usually as a gift, for someone who is very special.

We get asked often at 6thgearexperience how much a supercar driving experience costs. Of course many of our valued customers will spend as little at £59 or so purchasing a Ferrari experience for a family member for example. Others will go to the extreme and spend £495 or more on what may end up being a full day driving experience. Driving experience days for two are also catered for by 6thgearexperience. Perhaps that someone special in your life fancies an Audi driving experience while you yourself might crave the more traditional Aston Martin driving experience. We can cater for everyone!

At 6th Gear HQ (in Solihull), our friendly call centre staff will endeavour to answer all your queries. They are used to being asked a variety of questions from where exactly are the venues, which Supercars are the best to drive, to how fast are they willing to let me drive. Working hands on with our garage team, our customer service team are more than happy to help any question that you may have!

In the first few years of 6th Gear’s existence, the company operated solely from Elvington which was so popular with customers looking for driving experience days York. It was here in fact that we ran our first driving experience days for kids which at first only included the Ferrari, but then expanded to include more variety of supercars to drive.

We operate from various super UK circuits. Head over to our Locations page to see exactly which tracks we run at. We’ve already covered how a race car experience doesn’t really describe what we do here at 6thgearexperience. What we do exceptionally well is to provide superb supercar drive days for the general public many of whom are simply not experienced in getting behind the wheel of a 200mph supercar.